The photographs of the sculptures give only an approximate idea of what they really look like and of the magic effect they produce on the observer, whose eye never totally agrees with what his brain tells him about the possibility of their existence!

Only at very close range (seventy centimetres or less) does the trick become exposed; but, as soon as you take a few paces backward, the magic operates just as before and the object becomes irresistibly impossible again! In other words, the sculpture is magical in itself, without the help of any special lighting (although a well-directed spotlight may enhance the illusion).

All the works presented here are original pieces, made in eight copies numbered in Arabic numerals from 1 to 8 and four artist’s proofs numbered in Roman numerals from I to IV.

Size varies from 30 centimetres for the smallest pieces to 70 centimetres for the largest; outdoor sculptures can reach up to 150 or even 180 centimetres in overall size. All these sculptures can be given monumental scale without jeopardizing in the least their illusionistic effect. Most of them are cast in aluminium for optimal lighting effect, but some of them are cast in bronze, which gives them a noble aspect.

Prices vary according to size and material; they range from 2000 € for the small works cast in aluminium to 14,000 € for the large ones cast in bronze. For further information, please contact the artist.